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What We Are

Incite | rouse, urge, encourage, stimulate.

Seminar | breeding ground, plant hothouse; gathering of a small group to discuss a topic intensively.

Incite Seminars Australia (ISA) is based on a program founded and established by Glenn Wallis in Philadelphia, USA, known as Incite Seminars. The purpose is to create animated humanities seminars that agitate personal awareness and incite collective action.

ISA offers an educational experience. It is a about trusting in the creative symbiosis of people passionately discussing a theme or topic and allowing it to manifest into something new and uncertain. We invite small groups into an open exchange of dynamic ideas, lively dialogue, and skilled facilitator. Our sessions are as enjoyably accessible as they are intellectually rigorous.

The program is for everyone who believes that life makes the most sense when they are reading and thinking about serious ideas, and are discussing and exploring those ideas with others. People from all walks of life are welcome as there are no barriers to being a participant. As long you are curious as to what the hell is out there in the world of thought, our doors are open.

Ultimately we aim to bring knowledge from the ivory tower to the general public as we are convinced of the power of the humanities to inspire innovative real-world change. 


Key Ideas

Illuminating the Concept

What are the humanities?

The humanities are the recorded expression of us human beings reflecting deeply and broadly on what it is to be human. It includes literature and poetry, philosophy, music, the arts, psychoanalysis and psychology, history, religion and theology. In humanities-style learning we cultivate both a deep appreciation for and a critical assessment of the subject at hand. 

What is a seminar? 

A seminar is a style of education designed to facilitate intensive and in-depth study of the topic. It is a place where books and ideas are taken seriously. Unlike a lecture, a seminar involves sustained engagement with written or other material together with robust open discussion among the participants. For that reason, the optimal number of learners in a seminar is generally between to six to fifteen.  Also unlike lectures, seminars are fueled by participants. The course facilitator ignites the fire. Participants fan the flames.

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​Why “Incite”?

We believe that something uncommonly dynamic occurs when we explore crucial ideas with other people. Dialogue centered on texts and other cultural material becomes an impetus for self-reflection and self-understanding. Such encounters enable each of us to glimpse into our ideological blind spots, to see and think more clearly. This ferments an acute awareness of social reality. It is here—where the personal collides with the social—that such education catalyzes the possibility of social change. At Incite Seminars we cultivate critical discernment, intellectual integrity, and moral courage. We are not content with the mere acquisition of knowledge. We are on the hunt for possibilities of transformation. 



Radical Education for All


The Facilitator

We are currently in the process of assembling a database of skilled, dynamic and diverse facilitators to bring our humanities sessions to life. Our people will be experienced teachers, scholars, professionals, writers, or artists, accomplished in their respective fields and passionate about teaching and learning. But there are many paths to passionate expertise, and we want to unleash it on the world in whatever form it comes in. Check out our current facilitators here and if you are keen to be involved you can contact us here


The Process

The process is simple. We sit around a table. We focus on a single text, theme, thinker of which there is assigned reading and writing beforehand. We explore ideas, theories, and concepts. We assess practices, actions, rituals, and performances. Together, we read, think, listen, question, speak, respond, argue, and laugh. The environment is warm and nurturing but crackling with the risky unpredictability of new discoveries. The time frames are flexible depending on the depth of involvement and interaction sought after. 


The Location

We are located in metropolitan Melbourne and can come to you if you have an existent space or alternatively we can arrange a convenient location for everyone. The setup is basic, only requiring a table and seats to accommodate for the relevant number of attendees and some room to move around. After that it is really about filling it up with the organic dynamics and energy of group interaction.


Jim Lavranos

Director of Operations, Facilitator

Jim came upon the Incite Seminars program and Glenn Wallis whilst trawling the web for innovative and groundbreaking ways to understand our world and ourselves. He was enamored by the fervor of the movement and decided to dive into creating a Australian chapter.  Jim is a man of many hats with degrees in the Arts and Sciences including postgraduate work in Bioethics, an ongoing career in allied health management and prosthetics research, a passion for acting and music as well as affinity for spiritual practice. He aims to bring a bit of everything to the seminars but more importantly to nurture the knowledge, creativity and critical thinking that is inherent in others and the group as a whole.


When and How Much?

Be a Part of It

Every seminar is customized to the needs and resources of the interested group. This includes date, time, duration and available funding. In the future we also plan to organize regular seminars of varying topics in order to bring together a diverse range of interested individuals and create a melting pot of thinking. We are committed to making our offerings of knowledge, dialogue, and community available to anyone who feels they can benefit from them, regardless of ability to pay. To that end, we have a sliding scale of payment. Because we have expenses to pay, including to our facilitators, we ask that you pay what you can afford. An externally organized seminar space may also be an extra charge.


“Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.”

― G.K. Chesterton


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